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Transparency Sets

Transparency Folder:

Transparency Folder:
Australia and New Zealand

33 transparencies plus
poster “Australia and New Zealand, landscapes“
size: 95 x 65 cm
size (in.) 37’’ x 26’’
poster “Australia and New Zealand, map and pictures“
size: 95 x 65 cm
size (in.) 37’’ x 26’’
Out of Print!
Introduction / General map / From space / Vegetation zones / Precipitation / Climate / Land usage in Australia - an empty continent? / The planned city of Adelaide / Between tradition and the present / Australian society in change / Australia and its sheep / In the Barossa Valley / Tropical Queensland / The Great Barrier Reef / Farming in the Outback / Mobility in the Outback / Aborigines - 50.000 years of civilisation / Aborigines - only primitive
inhabitants? / Aborigines - citizens of Australia / The Uluru National Park - myth and business / Devil’s Marbles - the devil is tapped / Western Australia - the mining state / Australia - a mining nation / Australia and New Zealand / Australia’s industry and commerce / The west coast of New Zealand - wet beauty / The Southern Alps - Arable farming and hydro-electric power /
A piece of Europe in the South Seas? The northern island - a busy part of the globe / Maoris - not primitive inhabitants / The South Seas - life on the sunny side? / Polynesia - dream of the South Seas / Polynesia - threatened paradise

Transparency Folder:
Natural Vegetation and Ecosystem

30 transparencies
Out of Print!

The landscape ecosystem is made up of
several subsystems. Natural landscapes
can be divided into grasslands and
woodlands. Savannas, steppes and tundra are referred to as grasslands and the tropical rainforests, the sclerophyllous evergreen forests of the winter-rain regions, the
summer-green deciduous and mixed
forests of the cool-temperate zone and the boreal coniferous forests of the cold-
temperate zone are the woodlands.
Based on the example of the tropical
rainforest, the range of human interventions in an ecosystem will be introduced along with their consequences for the ecosystem.

Transparency Folder:

Transparency Folder:
Landforms of the Earth

88 transparency pictures
Out of Print!

The aim of this transparency book is to
provide an introduction to the basic questions of geomorphology, by use of typical examples and illustrations. The pictures of this
transparency book have been selected and compiled in such a way that the groups of forms which are most important for school teaching become evident. With elucidations and worksheets for practical schoolwork.

Transparency Folder:

Transparency Folder:
Climatic Landscape Zones of the Earth

65 transparencies
Out of Print!

Large-size colour pictures on the climatic zones of the earth. The classification is based on the climate chart of Troll and Paffen. Each zone is represented by expressive photographs with 4 aspects:
1. Type of landscape and vegetation
2. Traditional ways of life
3. Traditional land use
4. More recent developments
This enables continuous comparison, for example forms of settlement, cultivated plants, forms of cultivation, etc,
In the appendix there are copy sheets with exercises.


Transparency Folder:
Physical Landscapes of the Earth

16 transparencies
Out of Print!

The transparency folder
Physical Landscapes of the Earth includes the following contents:
1. Major landforms of the earth
2. Processes that build
3. Processes that erode
4. Human landscape patterns
5. Assessment and evalution
6. Glossary
7. Copy sheet

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